SisLovesMe presents Dolly Leigh in Stepsisters Slutty Halloween – 31.10.2017


Damn, how hard it was to communicate with potential customers …

Some are all muddy, slippery, indefinite …

Not everyone understands the intricacies of working with metal, I will show you the example of a car, which you have to face.

Customer (C) and seller (P):

P: – Hello, what are you doing?

K: I want a car …

P: – What kind of car do you want?

K: – Beautiful … To not be too expensive and no one in the village was not like that!

P: – Hmm … What kind of car do you want?

To: – Red …

P: – You do not understand. Mercedes? The Volvo? Reno? Zhiguli?

K: – With round headlights …

P: – Well, let’s go on the other side. Sedan? Hatchback? Micro? And maybe a station wagon? Or an SUV?

K: – To pobibikat in a traffic jam it was possible !!!

P: – How much are you willing to spend on a car?

K: – No, well, you are doing this, here and tell me the price!

P: – Okay, let’s say this car costs 80 thousand. And this one is 300.

K: – No, well, I do not like this … And that, too …

P: – Well, what exactly is not like? What to change to like?

K: – Well, let’s do it now, think up what to offer me …

P: – You pontovuyu or cheap (it will not be bad, just easier).

K: – Well … I do not know … And what can you offer?

P: – Any! Do you like any? Have friends, maybe seen? On the Internet … Let’s choose the ideal variant for you based on your preferences!

K: – Ah … Well, ok. I like a Mercedes-cabriolet, a gas-bath with a thermo-bump and here’s such a tricycle electric bike / shows in the mobile phone / … Oh! And still puppies)))

P: – In order to understand what you need from this, say what exactly you like in each of the options, they are different! We will compose into one sketch and based on it we will work.

K: – Oh, I like everything about them! That’s straight completely!

P: “There’s no roof in this …”

To: – No !!! What are you doing ?! Absolutely, or what? The roof is absolutely necessary! What if it’s raining?

P: – Yeah, here in this big body …

K: – Do not! I do not need a truck! And then the father-in-law will zamorduet with the dacha …

P: – GAZelle is actually a truck … Well … And here three wheels and batteries go …

K: – What do you suggest to me all the time?

P: – I need to at least roughly understand what you would like to get in the end. And these are the distinguishing features of what you like.

K: – I’m tired of something … Goodbye … / Borbochet / Nifiga You do not know …


Date: July 27, 2018