Shoplyfter presents Victoria Vargaz – 27.09.2017

September 27th 12:17pm – Case # 5859779 – Petty Theft – Suspect complied with LP officer and was allowed one phone call. Suspects mother came and met with LP officer. Mother of suspect was compelling and offered a meaningful accord for the issue, but suspect had no choice but to uphold the bargain that her mother had set in place even though its was not the most savory. Evidence logged on Sept 27, 2017.  A spectacular babe with dark, resinous hair named Rina Ellis, recently had a piercing on her right breast, after the tattoo had been mysteriously tattooed on her buttocks for six months, in the form of an abbreviation of four letters. The girl liked to pose in front of the camera, however, this day her photographer was caught impatient and excited, so after a short photo session he came in from behind and inserted his strong male fingers into the hot hole of the brunette. The photographer preferred hard sex, so in a moment he threw a leather belt around his neck and proceeded to chisel, the panting passionate pussy. This penetration in a rigid form was to the liking of the girl and the girl, so a second later her groans and groans poured out groans and shouts, showing her pleasure from this process. During the blowjob, the man pressed one leg against the floor with his leg, so that the entry into his mouth would be as deep as possible in the throat of the partner. When the girl took the position from above, then the order came from her partner to tighten the neck around her neck, in order to strengthen the sensations from the cruelest sex. The result of this merger was enchanting, as the guy did not take out his penis during orgasm and finished right in the sweet hole of a young brunette.

Date: September 29, 2017