Shoplyfter presents Dakota Rain – 20.09.2017

After waking up in the morning, a blonde called Nancy A noticed that the weather was clear and the sun was breaking through the white curtains that were waving in the warm wind. When the gusts of air touched the magnificent body of beauty, the skin went through a pleasant shiver and the cutie felt excited. Little Baby began to slide smoothly with her hands along the tempting curves. Erotic underwear emphasized all the virtues and easily fell to the floor. Lovely fingers pass through the swollen papilla, trembling from every touch, slightly touching the tummy and go lower. Between the legs is already incredibly hot, and from one touch of the clitoris, the blonde closes her eyes, fully surrendering to the power of passion and lust. The nude bitch sits on the windowsill where there is a comfortable white pillow. Shlyushka carefully prepared it in the evening, because she knew she wanted to start her morning masturbating in the sun. Her body elegantly curves from every movement inside the pussy, the tongue lustfully spends on the lips, and licks the fingers, striving in the mouth. The cutie can no longer restrain herself and a bright room is filled with enthusiastic moans.

Date: September 22, 2017