SexArt presents Chrissy Fox in Wild Chrissy 1 – 09.07.2017


Synopsis: As the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s scorching two-parter “Wild Chrissy” begins, sexy blonde Chrissy Fox is waiting impatiently for her lover, Nick Ross, to return home. Once Nick is back and relaxing on the sofa with his pants off, freckled cutie Chrissy pounces on him, fondling and kissing his rapidly stiffening cock through his shorts, then peeling them off and feeding his boner into her mouth. Cut to Chrissy strumming her pussy feverishly through her white panties, and the sudden realization that this sexual interaction with Nick is all in her mind, and she’s using it as stimulation to bring herself off. Back to her fantasy, and she’s rubbing Nick’s rigid cock over her beautiful breasts, teasing her nipples and licking the head avidly. As the action cuts back and forth between Chrissy’s fervid masturbation and her encounter with Nick, she jacks him off while diddling herself, then peels off her panties and squats on his prick. She strokes her shaved pussy along the shaft of his cock, then guides it inside, impaling herself and rocking her hips to ride it. She slides up and down on Nick’s pole slowly and deliberately, rubbing her clit, then picking up the pace, her ass cheeks rippling with each thrust. Chrissy rides right through her first breathless orgasm to a second, even more intense one, her cries of pleasure spurring Nick on to shoot his load deep inside her – just as she climaxes on her fingers in reality.

Date: July 12, 2017