PerfectGonzo – PrimeCups presents Darcia Lee aka Darce Lee in Super hot Darcia by the pool – 26.07.2017


Very alluring model — I really like her and she shines in front of the camera (she seems really comfortable as a performer). Her nipples would indicate that she should be featured on the MILF site (sexy if she is a young mom), but her tits are still in perfect shape! She’s got a beautiful/captivating face and smile that adds to her great tits, waist, ass and pussy areas. I liked all of the positions (she looks stunning everywhere) and her ability to swallow quite a sizeable load without spilling a drop at the end finished off an absolutely perfect scene. Great stuff.

Gabe – Perfectgonzo
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As the scene description says, Darcia Lee is a gorgeous model with a charming smile. Her body looks like if it was made by an artist, she has a very define body shape. And yes her natural tits are big and hang in a sexy way. Her foreplay was interesting to watch because as I mention before she is a very hot model, she made good positions and the camera angles were perfect. Also I’m glad that they gave her a toy to play with. About her sex performance she has amazing oral skills and it was good to see that the male performer this time didn’t force the model with the blowjob. Again during the sex Darcia med several good positions and for ending the movie she swallowed the cum with no effort. I did love Darcia! [-Ramon VM]

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Date: September 10, 2017