Czechav – CzechMassage presents Czech Massage 370 – 19.10.2017


A hot girl named Adriana Chechik, along with her fiance, crossed the border of Mexico, one of the border guards liked our heroine very much and he decided to take the girl and her bridegroom for inspection. Our kid’s boy behaved like a real crybaby, but the border guard reassured him and offered him one option to get out of this mess. He had to undress his bride and search her right in front of the frontier guard, everything would be fine if the muzhik did not tell our cry that he would have to get his hand into the girl’s pussy and check everything out there. Adriana was shocked by this, but she had no choice. She quickly pulled off her clothes, showing the border guard that she was completely clean, but the peasant was not enough of it. He made the groom still penetrate into her pink pussy, but on this he clearly did not calm down. He pulled out his hard cock and shoved it into the pretty girl’s mouth, the excited bitch happily made the Mexican a great blowjob, while her fiance fucked her in a pink pussy. With such group sex, the baby and her friend managed to get out of the mess, in which the girl experienced completely new sensations from having sex.

Date: October 21, 2017