Bang presents Alex Harper – 23.10.2017

A nice dark-skinned student Harley Dean came to shoot her first porn. The girl is very worried, answering the questions of the director, but tries to keep herself in hand and constantly smile. Understanding the tension of the baby, he asks her to take off her t-shirt and show off her breasts. Negresses with pleasure fulfill this request, and even the operator immediately realized that the beauty of a real slut loves to fuck. The body of the crumb is covered with various tattoos, and a neat piercing is made over the clitoris. The bitch was well prepared for the shooting, and starting to masturbate her insatiable cap in front of the camera, she immediately calmed down and grew bolder. When the skin finally relaxed the director came closer and gave it to her mouth. The black seductress confidently took a horse-radish into her hand and began to caress him and shove her cheek, after a deep blowjob. After blowjob, the student got cancer, and feeling as if she was back in, began to actively move her beautiful booty, wanting to show her abilities. When the whore was fully accustomed, her humble look was replaced by a lascivious one, and now she was not fucked by her boyfriend, but the girl was jumping on it.

Date: October 26, 2017